A leader
in luxury perfumery

Benefiting from the know-how of craftsmen & industrial capacity

To define

ourselves in a few lines

“We created SOCOS SERVICES in 2013 to offer a unique and tailor-made service to assist perfumers internationally, from the manufacture of perfume juice to shipping, including the storage of perfumes and packaging, from single pieces to mechanized series.”

Nowadays we define ourselves as an “industrial artisan”:

By our ability to assist our clients’ growth and international development. Our clients have grown by 25% annually since 2013 and by more than 50% last year.
By the reactivity of a unique contact and an application that allows us to know all the stocks in real time.
100% of customers were satisfied in our last survey.
By the control of our processes and our traceability.
No minor or major non-conformity has been detected during the ISO 9001 and 22716 audits since SOCOS SERVICES was double certified in 2014.

You have understood: by working with SOCOS SERVICES, you can be sure of a serene development, in compliance with the legislations of the different countries in the world.

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Atypical player

in an industrial market

Manufacturer of luxury perfumes since 2013, SOCOS SERVICES is an SME on the borderline between craft and industry.

We are luxury craftsmen 

SOCOS SERVICES stands out as much for its high-level know-how as for its agility and innovation, which today allow it to manufacture unique pieces, samples, mini-series or industrial series, for the main luxury houses.
SOCOS SERVICES has its own in-house fab-lab dedicated to prototyping and improving processes and working conditions.

We are luxury manufacturers

SOCOS SERVICES can provide you with:

  • The production of series up to several thousand pieces
  • The design of thousands of boxes
  • The manufacture of millions of samples

The size of our structure as well as our agility allows us to have an optimal reactivity to your requests.

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Made in France

The tailor-made approach of the craftsman, the requirements of industry

We take care of all or part of the services, from manufacturing to shipping of haute couture perfumes, in limited editions or in larger volumes.

We offer a complete chain of services based on an experienced team that meets strict quality standards:

ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

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A team

with a strong know-how and expertise

Socos Services logo

Few figures

on average


vials packaged
per year




pieces for a
medium series
of packaging


maximum time
for an order
in Europe

countries served


of factory surface

Our history


1 processing line
Creation of SOCOS SERVICES and services :

- manufacturing

- packaging

- logistic

- storage

- quality


2 processing lines
Setting up a WMS
Obtaining standards :

- ISO 9001 V 2008 and 22716
(Good Manufacturing Practices)


3 processing lines
creation of the maintenance service


Setting up DIVALTO (ERP) Creation of a new service


4 processing lines
(including one fully automated) Revision of ISO 9001 V 2015 and ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices)


5 processing lines
Creation of the regulations service


Fab-lab opening
(prototypes / tests)
Restructuring of the manufacturing room


Hydroalcoholic gel production
Joins the French Fab


Launch of the digitalization project
New samples packaging line
Join the "Coq vert" community


Expansion of packaging factory
Improvement projects


Redesign and expansion of the juice manufacturing room


Deployment of proprietary MES / Industry of the future showcase labeling

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